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PharmaCares “PharmaCycles” Donation Program

The Idea

This project came as a result of some research we conducted on the use of sampling in the pharma industry. The frightening conclusion was that 250 million pounds of pharma waste is generated annually, including 2 billion dollars in wasted samples – two billion.

What if we could take the samples and products that would otherwise go to waste and re-direct them to help actual people in need? We have launched a program that reaches out to agencies that provide medicines to people in need, including national and international efforts, food banks and other reputable 501©3 organizations.

We are currently devising a web site that will list the products you have available and we will send out email blasts to our extensive lists of agencies that can accept drug donations. Whether you have product overage, short dated product, or simply wish to make a donation, we are happy to help you accomplish your goals.

And if there happens to be any unusable product left, we will oversee the responsible recycling of every element of the sample – the packaging, the bottle itself, then destroy any remaining product in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The Idea In Action: Ecotrin

This project was interesting, since it required some real strategic and truly innovative thinking. We created the esampling web site, along with the accompanying email marketing program, targeting Cardiologists. It turned out our samples were short dated, so we created a call center to focus efforts on reaching CDs quickly. We got most of the samples successfully into the hands of doctors, then worked with donation centers to ensure that the remaining medicines were distributed to those in need in the U.S. The remaining samples were broken down, with the packaging and bottles recycled and the medicines disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. Truly, this was a win for everyone.

How It Works

PharmaCares will work with your company, consulting with your brand teams and sample operations teams to create a strategy for your brand(s) that maximizes the amount of product that gets into the hands of those in need, with a focus on U.S. Veterans, and greatly minimizes the amount of waste.

Good for pharma, good for patients, good for the earth.

The Programs

  1. A strategic plan to handle excess, short dated or donated product.
  2. A listing on our PharmaCares website with the amount of product available and dating.
  3. A listing on email blasts that go to our list of agencies.
  4. Sponsorship listing on our site and all marketing materials.
  5. Recycling and environmentally sensitive product destruction.
  6. Tax deductions for all donations made and fees paid.