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Janet Carlson
Executive Director, Certified Broker

Janet Carlson is the Executive Director of Health Pathfinder (formerly PharmaCares). Health Pathfinder is a non-profit company that assists people to get access to health insurance, medicines, and healthcare advocacy. She has spent over 20 years in the healthcare arena, working in patient care, pharmaceuticals, medical software and medical advertising and marketing, prior to launching the non-profit.

Janet is a certified Community Assister, a health insurance broker, and has also successfully completed certification from Access Health CT as a Certified Broker and Assister. She has also completed CHOICES training, to expand her understanding of Medicare and Medicaid.

Lt Col Aulay Carlson
Veteran Coordinator/Broker

Lt. Col. Aulay Carlson (USAF, Ret.) is a stellar addition to the team, bringing high-level technical skills and an ability to develop a process that is second to none. We have greatly enhanced our ability to serve our clients by streamlining the enrollment process – so we can serve more clients in less time – which delights everyone.

In the next enrollment period, he will work closely with the other Brokers to provide assistance in navigating the Access Health CT portal.  He will also be coordinating efforts to reach out to and engage Veterans in need of assistance.

Libby Mitchell

Libby is our greeter and expeditor. She will meet you at the door, check you in if you have an appointment or collect needed information to get you to the right person to help you enroll in healthcare insurance, whether you need Medicaid, a Qualified Health Plan or Medicare.

Briana Juliano

Briana Juliano is the newest member of the Health Pathfinder team and is our webmaster and social media guru.  Her organizational skills and ability to help foster internal and external communications are unmatched, so we are excited to have her contribute even more to the team.

In the upcoming enrollment period, she will work to assist the Brokers, providing updates to our website and on social media to keep everyone up to date with current information.

John Sanders

John is now a seasoned member of the Health Pathfinder team and will continue to work with us in the financial arena.  Fortunately for us, he has been dealing with health insurance for the past 13 years as an administrator for a healthcare marketing company.  His computer and problem-solving skills are unmatched and he keeps the company working smoothly.

In the upcoming enrollment period, John will also work to assist the Brokers, providing education to clients and ensuring enrollment events go smoothly.

Patricia Frasca

In the last enrollment period, Pat was a Navigator with Access Health CT and led the team in Litchfield County. Her ability to help people is unparalleled – any time there was a question on the Access Health CT portal, an insurance plan or if someone was eligible for Medicaid, Pat was the “go to” person.  We all look to her for guidance – we are delighted to have her on the team.

In the upcoming enrollment period, Pat will be volunteering at Events to educate consumers and helping events to run smoothly.  We will still count on her amazing knowledge and will look to her for guidance.

Doug Bloom
Creative Director

Doug is Treasurer and a Board Member of Health Pathfinder.  In the upcoming enrollment period, Doug will continue to lead the way as our Creative Director, relaunching our company as Health Pathfinder, leading the rebranding effort, revamping our website, marketing materials and social media.